1. Steel Fabrication
  2. Steel Erection
  3. Cooling Duct, Nozzles & Blowers
  4. Refractory Lining
  5. Special Clamp for Block Lifting
  6. Distributor & Foreheatth Casing
  7. Wooden Centering & Mortar Mixing
  8. Batch House
  9. Chimney Fabrication, Erection & Refractory Lining
  10. Reversal Damper
  11. Catwalk, Platform & Ladder
  12. Heat-Up, Jackbolts Control & Cullet Filling
  13. Crown Insulation / Application of Lubisol
  14. Checker Change
  15. Hot Repair
  16. Drilling, Draining & Glass Control

Refractory Lining, Boilers & Accessories, Furnace Lining, Heat Up, Heat / Cold Repair, Ceramic Kiln Linings, Rolling Mills, Reactors, Boilers Lining, Installation Structural Steel Work, Glass Melting, Silicate Furnaces, Mumbai, India.



About Us

1. M/s. Dukhiram was founded by our beloved, Mr. Dukhiram Maurya way back in 1979 who left us for heavenly abode on 9th April, 2002, was an internationally acclaimed personality in Lining of Refractories.

2. Dukhiram Maurya Engineering & Refractory Works (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a well known name in the Glass Industry which has been providing its Steel, Refractory Lining, Hot Repair, Regenerator Cleaning, Heat-up and other related services to the reputed glass factories

3. This group has strong worktorce of skilled and experienced manpowers for all kinds of Glass Furnaces related services.